We are an evangelical community of Reformed persuasion located on the southside of Milwaukee. We believe that God splendidly exists in three persons — Father, Son, and Spirit, that the Bible is God's perfect word, that due to sin humanity is in desperate need of saving, that Jesus Christ accomplished this salvation by dying in our place and raising from the dead in victory, and that God now graciously and freely offers this good news (the gospel) of salvation to all who place their trust in Christ for their rescue.


Our mission as a church is to demonstrate God's greatness by advancing a gospel that transforms people into fully devoted followers of Jesus.



As we seek to see this vision realized in our church, we commit to centering ourselves on those things that the Bible teaches cultivate a healthy church, things such as the ministry of the God's word, the administration of the ordinances, healthy church government, fervent prayer, passionate worship, and a deep sense of community.


Corporate Worship

Every Sunday morning at 10 am we gather together as a church for corporate worship. In corporate worship, we engage God through the reading and preaching of his word, the observance of his ordinances, the confession of our faith, and by responding to him through prayer and song.



4400 S 27th St
Rodeway Inn & Suites
Atrium Room
Milwaukee, WI 53221
[Bus stops #3982 and 4021]



Corporate worship - Sundays, 10 am
Community groups - Wednesdays, 6-8 pm

Community Groups

Every Wednesday night from roughly 6-8 pm, we gather in homes to share a meal, read scripture, reflect on God's word, pray for each other, and encourage one another.

Ministry & MORE

We encourage our members to minister to those in need and to serve one another through our various opportunities for discipleship and friendship.



 Drew Pond - Elder drew@southcitymke.com

Drew Pond - Elder

 Kirk E. Miller - Elder kirk@southcitymke.com

Kirk E. Miller - Elder


Contact Us

Have further questions? Want more information? Drop us a note or reach out to us via the contact information below and we will be sure to get back to you momentarily.



(414) 501-3898

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